Pigment Yellow 131

Pigment Yellow 13
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Yellow 131 is a reddish, transparent, high gloss diarylide yellow pigment. It is suitable for the European Scale for Process printing for paste inks as well as for solvent-based packaging gravure and flexographic printing inks. Suitable for metal decorating inks when the stoving temperature does not exceed 200°C.
More Information
Unit of Measurement Kg
CAS No. 5102-83-0
CI No. 21100
Type Pigment
Sub-Type Organic Pigment
Chemistry Diarylide
Color Index Y13
Item Color Yellow
Density 1.8
Form of Supply Yellow Powder
Oil Absorption 35~45
Moisture ≤1.5
pH Value 5.0~7.5
Light Fastness 5~6
Heat Stability 200°C / 392°F
Chemical Resistance to Acids 5
Chemical Resistance to Alkali 5
Chemical Resistance to Alcohols 5
Chemical Resistance to Esters 5
Chemical Resistance to Ketones 5
Chemical Resistance to Soap 5
Chemical Resistance to Migration 0
Internal Energy ≤1.0
Color Strength 100±5%
Test Method AFTM-P 2.1
Port of Origin Shanghai
Packaging Paper Bag
Net Kg/Unit 25
Gross Kg/Unit 25.2
Shipping Net Kg Pallet 500
Net MT per 20ft container 10
Number Of Pallets 20ft FCL 20
Shelf Life 5 years from manufacturing date.
Storage Store under normal temperatures
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Material Safety Data Sheet
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Technical Data Sheet
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