Configuring Accounts

Configuring accounts

To be able to get your account approved for buying, and enjoying all the benefits and functionality of our site, you must complete your account information and configurations. To do this, follow this simple guide:

  1. First, go to the "My Account" page by clicking on your username in the upper right corner of any page in our site.

    Go to My Account
  2. Once in the "My Account" page, you will see your contact information, registered addresses and your order history.

    My Account page

Editing your basic account information and registered addresses

  1. To edit your account information, you can either click on the "Account Information" link in the menu to the left of the "My Account" page or click on the "Edit" link right below your registered e-mail address.

  2. Once in the "Account Information" page, you can edit your basic information, change your registered e-mail address, and/or change your password.

    Account information page
  3. To edit, add or remove your registered addresses, you can either click on the "Address Book" link in the menu to the left of the "My Account" page, or click on the "Manage Addresses" link right next to the "Address Book" title, or click on any of the "Edit Address" links located right below any of your registered addresses.

  4. Now that you are in the "Address Book" page, you can edit, add or remove addresses. Please remember that you MUST tell us which is your destination port to be able to check-out, and ship under CFR terms.

    If you don't find your destination port, please contact us so that we can add it to our existing list. Use "Site Support/Information" as the "Contact Type".

    Address book page

Editing your company information and structure

  1. Go to the "Company Profile" page by clicking on the link with the same title in the menu on the left of the "My Accounts" page.

    Company profile page
  2. Once in the "Company Profile" page, you can view and edit your company's information.

    Editing your company info
  3. To edit your company's structure, go to the "Company Structure" page by clicking on the link with the same title in the menu on the left of the "My Accounts" page.

    Company structure page
  4. In the "Company Structure" page, you can add users, user roles, and teams into your company structure. It's very easy to move users and teams around your company structure tree; just drag and drop.

  5. Creating roles is very important if you add users, other than yourself, to your company structure. You can, for example, create a role for users that can only create orders, quotes or requisition lists, but can't check out; then you could create a role for users that do the check out process. This way you can control your structure with ease.

    Adding and editing company structure roles

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