Basic Dye Yellow 13

Basic Dye Yellow 13 - CI Y13

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Basic Dye Yellow 13 - CI Y13

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Unit of Measurement Kg
CAS No. 12217-50-4
Type Pigment
Sub-Type Basic Dye
Chemistry C20H23CIN2O
Color Index Y13
Item Color Yellow
Form of Supply Yellow Powder
Moisture ≤ 7%
Light Fastness 6-7
Mesh Residue ≤ 20% (60 mesh)
Tint Strength 250% ± 3%
Molecular Weight 342.86
Port of Origin Shanghai
Packaging Carton
Net Kg/Unit 25
Gross Kg/Unit 25.2
Shipping Net Kg Pallet 500
Net MT per 20ft container 10
Number Of Pallets 20ft FCL 20
Shelf Life 5 years from manufacturing date.
Storage Store under normal temperatures, dry and protected from weather.
Soaping Fastness - Fading 4-5
Soaping Fastness - Staining 5
Wet Rubbing Fastness 5
Dry Rubbing Fastness 5
Ironing Fastness 4-5
Water Logging Fastness - Staining 5
Water Logging Fastness - Fading 5
Dry Cleaning Fastness 5
Insolubility in Water ≤ 0.6%
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